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16 Inspirational Books that Every Carp Angler Should Own

As carp anglers we all know the gap between sessions is painstaking, not to mention the sleepless nights leading up to that magical trip. To suppress that hunger and to keep the spirit alive many of us turn to books from legends of our sport  in search

How to keep boilies fresh: The secret ingredient to perfect bait for weeks

For years now us anglers have been air-drying baits or sacrificing quality for freshness and opting to use the dreaded shelf-lifes but now you don’t have to. Now there is a liquid, readily available on the market that you can buy for a few quid that will

Best Carp Reels on a Budget: You Simply Must Own These

Reels are somewhat of a personal preference for many but one thing we all have in common is we are always looking for a good deal so in this article I am going to show you the best carp reels for all budgets. Whether you’re on a

5 Pictures Jim Shelley Wishes Were Never Caught On Camera

If we admit it, all of us would like to be a bit more like Jim Shelley, whether thats the fish he has caught, the fact he earns a living do what we all love or just wishing we could spend all our days on the bank

The 14 Ugliest Carp Ever Caught On Camera Including a Premier League Footballer’s Twin

We’ve all landed a few munters in our time, not just carp, but for all the beautiful fish out there, there is certainly a few mutants to back it up. Lets have a look at our list of the 14 ugliest carp ever caught. First up we

Daiwa Windcast Z Review – Better than the Entohs?

Daiwa reels are always good, that goes without saying but for me the Windcast Z’s are one of their flagship models. Being neither big or heavy the Daiwa Windcast Z comes with 2 deep set spools, holding well over 400 yards of your favorite 15lb line with

From Redmire Inspiration to Otter Destruction: An Opinionated But Crucial Look At Our Self Destructing Industry

Carp fishing has certainly started to lose its gloss, without awesome publications like Gaz Fareham’s Subsurface Journal many new anglers in our sport would struggle to grasp why we love it so much. The evolution of our sport has sped up massively in the last few years,

13 Pictures That Explain Why Modern Carp Fishing Is Fucked

With the massive influx of anglers coming in to our sport it’s no wonder that more and more people are being pictured making epic fails while fishing, all this is going against the sport that many of us love. Check out these nod’s bringing our sport in

Revealed: Korda’s next 3 products and why you will probably still buy them

Korda have been getting a bit of a reputation of late for coming up with products ‘just for the sake of it’ – people, I would like to introduce the Korda Keyring. Though no-one can criticise the way the Korda machine has grown, Danny himself is raking

Instant Cure For UK’s Otter Problems: Meet The Deadliest Lake In The World

Join us at Carp Fishing Hub as we campaign to ‘Fuck Off’ all the otters ravaging our waters to the banks of Lake Natron, if we all bundle a couple of quid in each we can afford the shipping and get an awesome gnome for the pond
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